Chorizo cassarole w/ eggs breakfast

Todays breakfast is fast and easy. It’s also one of my favorites. All it need is a microwave oven and small toaster oven if you have one. If not , the microwave oven will do. 

What you need:

1-bag of potato tots or rounds

2- links of chorizo pork or beef ” usually between $1.25 an $1.75 per package.

1-8oz bag of mexican style screwed cheese.

1- packet of tortilla’s  –   salsa or hot sauce an option

Cook or brown totar-tot. Use aluminum foil if using a toaster oven to keep oven clean. cook half bag at a time. In a separate a bowl, put in the two packet of chorizo and cook in a microwave for 5 minutes. Take out and stir the chorizo and put back in microwave for 5 minutes.

Dump tator-tots is micrcowave friendly casserole dish”mines plastic” and dump in the cooked chorizo on top of the tator-tots and mix in. Flatten the casserole and place the cheese on top.

Heat all in microwave for about 10 minutes. Roll in tortilla’s with a little salsa or hot sauce for a great breakfast burrito. 

also very good with eggs on the side. Four star